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Saint John Energy


As an energy provider, we continuously work to reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers do the same through energy conservation.

In 2015, we achieved all of our environmental objectives and 11 targets with 100% environmental regulation compliance. We also recertified our Environmental Management System to the ISO 14001 Standard through a third party audit; this is the 17th year that our operations have been audited to this internationally recognized standard of environmental performance.

We also have 9,750 smart meters in-market to date. Unlike traditional meters, smart meters are built for two-way communications between the meter and central power system, which allows us to better monitor energy consumption on a day-to-day basis.

For more information about our environmental objectives and targets, click here.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is a key priority for us – we not only encourage our customers to reduce and conserve energy, but we continuously look for ways we can do so within our operations.

We actively find ways to reduce overall costs and pass the savings on to our customers. One of these many initiatives was installing LED street lights, which not only last longer and require less maintenance, but are more energy efficient.

Renewable Energy

As a forward-looking company, we explore feasible, green sources of energy to feed our power grid. 

We are founding member of Sustainable Saint John, a grassroots program dedicated to advocacy, education and engagement on environment-related initiatives through a network of like-minded, local organizations.

Power Outages

Remember to remove your window AC before the fall season! If they must stay in place, be sure to seal them with caulking or tape to prevent leaks