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Gardening around Pad-mounted Transformers

Before doing any garden work around a pad-mounted transformer please call the Dig Line at 1-866-DIG-LINE and Saint John Energy at (506) 658-5252. This is to help you find out where the cables are located underground and protect you before you start digging. Do not take the chance; we are a quick call away.

What is a Pad-mounted Transformer?

A pad-mounted transformer is usually a green metal box that is on ground level, often located on residential lawns or gardens. It transforms high voltage electricity to a lower voltage that can be used in homes without poles and overhead lines. Everyone needs to take precautions when planting and landscaping near pad-mounted transformers, because it contains high voltage electrical equipment and their circuits and wires are placed underground. Children should never play on or near pad-mounted transformers.

It is important to not start digging around the pad-mounted transformer until you have contacted the Dig Line to be aware of where the lines are. Digging around the wires without knowing where they are could cause severe and potentially deadly electrical shock, damage to the wires and create  interruptions in electrical service. It is possible to plan a garden around the pad-mounted transformer following a couple guidelines and help from our experts.

How you can Help Us!

  1. Call the Dig Line at 1-866-DIG-LINE to find out where the wires and lines are underground.
  2. Leave 2.5 meters of space in front of the transformer doors to allow the technicians to perform their work safely.
  3. Have a pathway allowing them access to the transformer.
  4. Consult with a nursery to find out how deep the roots of the plants go. If the roots go too deep they could become tangled with or obstruct the wire, causing a safety hazard.

Power Outages

When cooking match the pan to the heating element. A 6" pan on an 8" burner will waste more that 40% of the energy.