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Saint John Energy


Did you know?

On average, our rates are lower than others in the province, due to the specific urban geographic area we serve and our excellent relationship with NB Power, our wholesale electricity supplier.

  • Our rates are among the lowest in the region
    • Households save ~ 10%
    • Businesses save ~ 3%
  • Each year, we pass along savings equaling:
    • $2 million for the City of Saint John
    • $8 million for members of the public

Residential Customers

We’re proud to be the premier energy provider for more than 36,500 Saint John residents. In addition to the info provided below, visit Operations to learn about more of our programs and products.

Residential Rates

We set rates based on a cost of service basis, and all rates are approved by the Board of Commissioners. Rates and charges shown do not include applicable taxes.

Rate per kWh: 10.04 cents

Monthly administrative fee, to cover costs associated with each account, including meter reading, billing and payment processing: $16.79

Late Payments

An interest charge of 1.5% per month is added to invoices not paid by the due date. If your cheque is returned to us, a charge of $25.42 is added to your account balance.
For a complete listing of rates, click here to download our rate manual in PDF format or click here to download a copy of our service entrance standards.

Commercial & Industrial Customers

For large-scale customers, we offer the following commercial and industrial account administrative services to better serve you and meet your unique requirements.

  • Rate Interpretation: Rate structures related to your account are explained in detail.
  • Site Visits: An account representative will visit your facility and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account(s).
  • Bill Analysis: A summarized report is available upon request, providing pertinent energy consumption patterns that may help you find efficiencies and reduce your energy bill.
  • Bill Consolidation: Where possible, our account representatives will work with our billing personnel to streamline and condense multiple invoices to simplify billing of your account(s).
  • Account Summary: Our representatives will produce a detailed report clarifying monthly energy usage for the previous 12-month billing period.

Contact our Commercial & Industrial account representatives for more information regarding any of our services or questions about your account(s).

Power Outages

When cooking match the pan to the heating element. A 6" pan on an 8" burner will waste more that 40% of the energy.