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Saint John Energy

Substation Safety

Substation Safety

We have 13 substations dispersed around Saint John to reduce electrical system congestion and increase reliability. While we continuously upgrade our substations to ensure they are secure and operating well, they are still in publicly accessible areas and can pose safety risks if you do not respect the security features around them.

For your safety, please stay clear of substations. Here are a few important safety tips when in an area with a substation.

  • Never climb a security fence.
  • Be sure to fly your kites, balloons or model airplanes / helicopters away from power lines and substations.
  • Never throw objects (rocks, sticks, etc.) at a substation.
  • Obey all signage on a substation, such as “Danger – Keep Out” or “Warning – High Voltage.”
  • Never play near or in a substation.
  • Pad Mount Transformers (large green boxes found in alleys or lawns) should be avoided. If you notice one that is damaged or unlocked, contact us. If you notice a wire or power line on the ground, stay as far away from the wire as possible and contact us.


Power Outages

Remember to remove your window AC before the fall season! If they must stay in place, be sure to seal them with caulking or tape to prevent leaks