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vegetation management

Vegetation Management and Power Lines

Vegetation around power lines can be extremely dangerous. If you are aware of vegetation that has overgrown or fallen onto a line, call Saint John Energy immediately at (506) 658-5252 or call 911. Make sure to keep a safe distance and do not attempt to move the fallen or overgrown vegetation. It is important to stay clear of the overgrown or fallen trees; since trees can conduct electricity when touching or fallen onto a power line they could give you an electrical shock.

We strive to maintain excellence in electricity delivery, customer satisfaction, and safety, which is why we are constantly working on vegetation management near power lines.

Vegetation Management and Customer Service

To reduce the likelihood of dangerous occurrences and prevent accidents, call Saint John Energy at (506) 658-5252 any time you are thinking about trimming, planting or removing trees around power lines on your property. We do not normally trim or remove vegetation on the customer property unless it poses a serious electrical hazard. We want to protect our customers and help them manage vegetation on their personal property, and upon request we can remove and reinstall the service lines in order for the vegetation removal to occur safely. Hiring professional tree trimmers for your personal property vegetation management needs is the safest solution, never perform tree trimming around power lines on your own. Only certified, trained tree maintenance personnel should perform vegetation maintenance that is within three meters of a power line.


If you have any questions about vegetation management call Saint John Energy at (506) 658-5252 open Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm.

Power Outages

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