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Water Heaters


********* Due to the current high volume of water heater calls, we are unable to change out tanks unless they are leaking or the element has failed or you currently have no hot water.  Please bear with us as we continue to develop a strategy to assist our customers with the goal of maintaining our customer service levels. **********

Hot water is not a luxury—it’s essential to a happy home. We offer a wide range of water heater models at various monthly rates, along with the reliable service our customers have come to expect.

Peace of Mind Program

Our signature water heater rental program lives up to its name through the quality of the product and the service that accompanies it. For a complete list of our models and services, click here.

Water Heater Tips

Like any major appliance in your home, using your water heater safely and efficiently can result in years of reliable service. The following tips for energy efficiency, safety and troubleshooting will help you get the most out of your water heater.

For tips on how to efficiently operate your water heater, click here.

To ensure you and your family are safely using your water heater, click here.

If your water heater is not functioning properly, click here for our FAQs and suggested next steps.

Power Outages

When cooking match the pan to the heating element. A 6" pan on an 8" burner will waste more that 40% of the energy.