Transporting Green Energy To Our Community

Saint John Energy is advancing down the path to clean energy with the construction of an overhead distribution line from the Burchill Wind Project to Paradise Row.

The new distribution line will connect the heart of our city to clean wind energy, while providing the flexibility to continue to add more renewable energy to our grid in the future.

The project at a glance: 

  • A new 17-kilometre 66-kV distribution line connecting Burchill Wind to Saint John 
  • Increased green energy flow to our city, allowing us to power about 15% of Saint John’s electricity needs using renewable energy

Green energy flowing through the heart of our city

The distribution lines will run from Burchill Wind at Spruce Lake Industrial Park to properties located on Riverview Drive (Saint John West) continuing to a location on Chesley Drive and Ocean Steel (North End) by crossing the water near Reversing Falls Bridge.

From Chesley Drive the lines will run along Douglas Avenue by upgrading existing poles, and on Main Street to the Paradise Row Substation using new steel poles to replace existing streetlight poles.

Got a question? 

We recognize construction activity can cause inconvenience and disruption. We will be working with residents and businesses to minimize the impact of construction on this project as much as possible. You will receive advance notice before any construction activity begins in your area. Please contact us with any questions.

To find out more about the project, please call +506-658-5252 or email Jessica Delong, Manager of Stakeholder Relations,

Will the distribution lines be near residential areas and businesses?
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Will the construction activity be disruptive?