Payment and Billing Options

We understand customer needs are consistently changing so we have a variety of options to make your billing as convenient as possible. Explore our options below for making payments and receiving your bill.

Payment Options

Electronic Banking

Electronic banking payments are offered by all major Canadian financial institutions. Simply follow your financial institution’s online banking request procedures, adding “Saint John Energy” or "Power Commission of the City of Saint John" and your 18 digit combined Saint John Energy Customer and Account number where required.

Credit Card

Payments may be made using MasterCard or Visa. A convenience fee of 1.75% will apply. Payment may be made online (My Account) or by calling toll-free to 1-866-417-3892.

Customer Portal Payment - sign up at My Account

Make a payment with your credit card though Saint John Energy's reliable and secure customer portal. Sign up at My Account by providing your name, account and customer number and last statement amount.

If you have additional questions call us at (506) 658-5252 or toll-free at 1-877-907-5550.


Mail your payment to; Saint John Energy 325 Simms Street, Saint John, NB E2M 3L6

In person

Our office will be closed until further notice due to the pandemic. If you used to pay your bill in person at our offices, there are many alternative ways you can pay your bill (listed on this page)- Our payment alternatives are easy, practical, and may even save you time!

Billing Options

Paperless Billing - sign up at My Account

Receiving your bill online is convenient and environmentally friendly.

  • Sign up for Alerts to be reminded when your bill is ready and /or due
  • Download, save or print your online bill anytime
  • View up to 3 years of your billing history
  • View a graph of your consumption

Pre-Authorized Payment - sign up at My Account , complete the pre-authorized payment form and attach an image of your voided cheque.

Authorize automatic bill payments from your bank account for a fast and easy payment option at no additional fee – plus, you’ll always pay your bill on time!

Equalized Payment Program

Equalized payment options are available to help customers budget monthly expenses.

  • Pay the same amount each month based on your yearly consumption patterns.
  • Saint John Energy makes every attempt to estimate an accurate monthly payment based on electricity usage. In some circumstances a customer’s electricity needs change over time; and any balances owing or credits on a customer’s account are reconciled each September and a new equalized period begins.

 How to sign up

  1. Call our team at 506-658-5252 option 2, to get your quote for your monthly payments and find out more about the program.
  2. Using the quote that you have received from our Customer Service team, register for the equalized payment program here.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm that you have successfully registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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