Burchill Wind Energy Project

We’re making Saint John a leader in green and affordable energy in the region, and the country.

Our partner, Natural Forces, will build, finance, and operate the Burchill Wind Project. Featuring 10 turbines, it will provide 42MW of power, and supply 15% of Saint John’s energy, which will be purchased by Saint John Energy at a set price.

Why this project?

We know our customers are looking to use energy more efficiently, and that cleaner and more renewable sources of energy are important to them. We work every day to provide reliable energy at the lowest rates possible.

To do so, Saint John Energy is investing in several exciting projects that will provide these low electricity rates and clean sources of energy that are important to our customers, economy, and environment.

We are on a mission to drive economic development for our region by:

  • increasing the use of renewables in the province
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • increasing bottom line savings

Why wind energy?

Wind energy is one of the cheapest renewable energies available. It’s been a reliable source of power for more than a century.  Wind energy costs have dropped by 71 per cent and are expected to continue to drop making it one of the lowest cost electricity generating technologies available today (Source: CANWEA). 

It is anticipated the Burchill Wind Project  will save 43,680 tonnes in Co2 emissions per year, which is the equivalent to taking 13,382 cars off the road (Source: NRCAN).

What are the economic benefits?

Economic impacts of the project include:  

  • About $32M of project investment that will stay in the Province 
  • $11M of taxes and land royalties paid to the municipal and provincial governments 
  • +100 jobs during construction

(Source: Economic Impact Assessment Report- Jupia Consultants

To find out more about the project and Natural Forces, Burchill Wind Project (naturalforces.ca)

Supporting the green energy transition

We’re advancing a new era of green energy in New Brunswick with a new offering: Renewable Energy Certificates. We’re delighted to be able to harness the renewable energy from Burchill wind farm to help Saint John achieve net zero.

Known as RECs, the internationally recognized certificates help energy buyers achieve net-zero goals by certifying that they are buying electricity from a renewable source. Find out more here.

For more information on our ECOLOGO Certification click here.

The Location

The Burchill wind farm is going to be built on a stretch of Crown land in the Lorneville area, 15 kilometres from Saint John. Lorneville was selected as the location for the wind farm due to its elevation, optimal wind speeds, and the industrial nature of the surrounding area.  

A new 17-kilometre distribution line will connect the Burchill Wind Farm to the Saint John community. Find out more here.


How will this project benefit me as a customer?
How will the project affect the grid?
Is wind power not more expensive than other forms of energy?
Why was Lorneville chosen as the location?
Will the windfarm reduce the value of my home?
Could the wind farm impact human health in the surrounding area?
Do the turbines kill birds and bats?
Are the turbines noisy?
Will there be a shadow flicker?
Does Saint John Energy own the land?
Who will own the wind turbines?
Are the turbines adapted to the North American climate?
What happens to the electricity supply when the wind is not blowing? Does wind need to be backed up with other forms of electricity?
Will the distribution lines be near residential areas and businesses?
What about EMF waves or electronic pollution from the substations? How do we know it’s safe?
Will the project create jobs and if so how many?
I’d like to get in touch with someone to talk about the project, who should I contact?