Electric Vehicles

Drive to a More Sustainable Future

We are committed to making electric vehicles more accessible for people in Saint John. With the lowest electricity rates in New Brunswick, we are making the cost of fueling an electric vehicle more affordable than anywhere in Atlantic Canada. With our Level 2 charger at our office and six more community chargers on the way, soon you will be able to fuel up while you’re out shopping, at dinner or sightseeing.

As your community-owned utility, we want to do more. That’s why we’d like to hear from you on how we can help you make the switch to electric. Answer our short survey now to help support energy innovation in our community.

We are also deploying a few smart residential electric vehicle Level 2 chargers to Saint John residents as part of our Smart Energy Project. You can sign up to learn more about this project here.

Did you know?

·        Electric vehicles are better for the planet and are more affordable than ever, thanks to government rebates. 

·        By switching to an electric vehicle, you can cut your carbon dioxide emissions by 80%.

·        Electric vehicles are more reliable- they only have around 20 moving parts, compared to 2,000 in gas vehicles, which means fewer things can go wrong. Many have been on the road for over 1 million kms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about our electric vehicle chargers. If you need further support, please email smart.products@sjenergy.com or call us at 506-658-5252.

Electric vehicles seem much more expensive than regular vehicles. Why should I make the switch?
What is a Level 2 charger?
How do I get an electric vehicle charger?
When will the electric vehicle chargers be available?