Smart Heat Pump Controllers

Optimize Your Energy Use with a Smart Heat Pump Controller

As part of our Smart Energy Project, we’re deploying 200 smart heat pump controllers to Saint John residents. We are installing smart controllers on heat pumps that use innovative technology to help reduce stress on the power grid, which reduces carbon emissions. The smart controller allows you to control your heat pump remotely with your phone and set schedules for heating and cooling to provide cost savings, efficiency and convenience. By using a smart heat pump controller, you’ll have a positive impact on our community without sacrificing your comfort at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about our smart heat pump controllers. If you need further support, please email or call us at 506-658-5252.

How do I get a smart controller for my heat pump?
How does the controller work, and what does it do?
What happens if the controller loses power or Wi-Fi connectivity?
I have a smart heat pump controller from Saint John Energy—what does the blinking green and red LED light on the controller indicate?
Does the smart controller come with a mobile app?