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Meter Reading And Installation

At Saint John Energy, our Meter Services team is on hand and ready to help you with the following meter functions: 

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Analysis
  • Reading
  • Connections
  • Disconnection

Once a request is provided, Saint John Energy will attempt to energize all normal services within 48 hours of its receipt, provided:

  • An Electrical Wiring Permit signed by the electrician has been submitted.
  • A contract has been signed by the owner of the building.
  • The meter mounts have been correctly identified.
  • The entrance is in a satisfactory location.

Meter reading

Providing unobstructed and easy access to your meter each month ensures that Saint John Energy can provide a reliable service with accurate billing. If a Meter Reader is unable to access your meter due to a safety consideration or unnecessary vegetation clutter, your usage may be estimated. To learn more about Vegetation Management click here.

Why It May Be Necessary To Estimate Your Bill

Meters located indoors, behind locked or deteriorated gates, high fences, or during times when there is ice or bad weather are a few of the reasons why our meter readers may be unable to read your meter. When this occurs, your bill will be estimated based on your previous electricity usage history. If access issues have been a problem for you and you wish to discuss providing greater access to your meter, please call or email us. Alternatively, you can submit your reading by filling in the contact us form with a picture of the meter.

My meter is inside — how does Saint John Energy obtain a reading?  If a customer is not at home when the meter reader comes to read an inside meter, a meter reading postcard is dropped off. You may then call in your reading to our office to ensure you are billed for the proper consumption. If this card is not returned or the reading is not called in, the consumption for the month is estimated using the best available data.

Meter re-inspections

By law, electricity meters must be removed from service occasionally to conduct mandatory re-inspections. Saint John Energy, as directed by Measurement Canada, randomly changes several hundred to a few thousand meters every year for mandatory re-inspection. All electricity meters must meet strict requirements related to accuracy.

For more information on the retest program, visit Industry Canada's questions and answers page or view this short video.