Power Outages

Our proactive approach in maintaining our infrastructure at Saint John Energy puts us ahead of the national average in reliability. This means fewer power outages lasting shorter periods of time, compared to other Canadian Utilities. However, unplanned interruptions do occur and when they do, we want you to be as informed as possible. 

How To Report An Outage

  • You can report an outage by logging onto our customer portal (if you are not a portal user, sign up at My Account) Click on ⚠️ in the menu to the left to take you to the outage map and select 'Report an Outage'
  • Alternatively, call  (506) 658-5252, and press 1 to report an outage (available 24 hours a day). If we are already aware of the outage and are working to restore power, a voice message will play providing the most up-to-date information
  • Keep an eye on our outage map (see below) and Twitter account for the latest updates

What should I do now?

  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed- food will keep for up to 24 hours if the doors are kept closed
  • Turn down the heat and switch off large appliances, such as a stove, washer and dryer
  • Stay at least 10 meters away from downed lines and report them immediately

Power Outages - Planned and Unplanned

Outage Map

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Power Outage FAQs

How long will my power be off?
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How does Saint John Energy know my power is out?
How does Saint John Energy respond to an outage report?
How is power restoration prioritized?
Why has my neighbour’s power been restored before my home?
What do I do if a power line falls outside my vehicle?
Why don’t I see my outage on the map?