Thermal Storage Heat Pumps

Get Smart with a Thermal Storage Heat Pump

As part of our Smart Energy Project, we’re partnering with Fredericton-based start-up Stash Energy to bring smart thermal storage heat pumps to up to 50 Saint John Energy customers. These innovative heat pumps store energy during when the power grid isn’t busy for use during times when there is a high demand for energy.

By using this stored energy, you will help us rely less on power generated by greenhouse gas-emitting sources. By installing a thermal storage heat pump, you will help power our community and support a sustainable future for Saint John.

Learn more about thermal storage heat pumps here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about our thermal storage heat pumps. If you need further support, please email or call us at 506-658-5252.

How do I get a thermal storage heat pump?
What does a thermal storage heat pump do, and how does it help the environment?
What happens if the heat pump loses power or Wi-Fi connectivity?
How can I learn more about Saint John Energy’s partnership with Stash Energy?