Saint John Energy Rates

We Pass Along Our Savings To You

Saint John Energy is proud to be the energy provider for more than 36,500 Saint John residents. We serve a specific urban geographic area and have an excellent relationship with NB Power, our wholesale electricity supplier, making lower rates possible. In fact, we are the lowest in the region and account for up to 10% savings for residential and 3% lower rates for commercial customers. This model allows the City of Saint John to save $2 million and our customers more than $8 million each year.

How To Access Our Great Rates

We set rates based on a cost-of-service basis, and all rates are approved by our Board of Commissioners. Residential rates and charges shown do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change.

Rate per kWh: 10.67 cents

Monthly administrative fee: $17.88

An interest charge of 1.5% per month is added to invoices not paid by the due date. If your cheque is returned to us, a charge of $27.05 is added to your account balance.

For a complete listing of customer policies and rates, download our rate manual or download a copy of our service entrance standards.