Your feedback is incredibly important—that’s why we have launched our annual customer survey. Representatives will be reaching out to our customers via phone call. If you have a few minutes to answer some questions, we’d love to know how we’re doing.

Smart Energy Project

Canada, as a whole, is supporting clean energy technologies that encourage energy efficiency and bring cleaner renewable energy onto a smarter electricity network. Saint John Energy’s new Smart Energy Project will utilize artificial intelligence to help optimize the system. This innovation will result in cost efficiencies and ensure a more resilient and reliable power system for our customers.

Saint John Energy will develop new smart grid technologies right here in Saint John that will help inform our energy use and create a more efficient and cost effective way to provide energy to our customers.

UNB researchers are conducting a survey on smart grid energy consumption displays and would appreciate your input.  Saint John Energy is a proud supporter of UNB and would value the input from our customers in their survey.  Please click on the button to access the survey link.